GTX460 unstable when standing up.

Hey. im not sure when that happend my comp was fine 3 months ago, about 2 months ago my computer driver began crashing when there was high pressure on the graphics card. formatted and it seem like it did the job, after that i went to a vacation for 4 weeks , now im back like 1 month and about since then i had constant gpu crashes [and that massage that says the driver restored]. checked every where, installed 5 diffrent drivers [all whql verified] , finally i decided i was tierd of the crashing and i layed my computer on my desk so i can easly access the inside.
when i turned it on, it worked perfectly, when i make it stand, its unstable agian [its fine when i push the graphics card upwards] .
now the computer is laying aside and everything seems to be fine.
i have the graphics card screwed to the case.

my specs :
Core i3 540 OC'd @ 4Ghz v1.3
Kingston ddr3 1333 @ 1066 CMD rate 1
Sparkle GTX 460
ECS H55H v1.1
Seasonic 620W
Samsung HDD 1TB, Samsung HDD 250gb.
Corasir A70 cooler.
Coolermaster 620II.

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  1. Well, apparently it's got a bad fit in the PCIe slot. I don't know if there's anything to be done about it.
  2. Have you tried taking the card out and reseating it? or perhaps you have another slot on the motherboard it can go into...
  3. Find out what isn't tight. Obviously something is falling out just enough to rain on your parade.
  4. have you screwed it into the frame of your case? but agree with ^ and ^^ its a fit into the PCI-E slot issue.
  5. did it couple of times
  6. something isn't right, either the card is bent because something has been resting on it, or the motherboard is bent and not letting the card sit perfectly in the slot, or the case is twisted and pulling the card out when you stand it up - or a combination of any/all of those
  7. Could be a micro crack in one or more circuit traces. When standing vertical the crack is closed, when lying on one side the board flexes with temperature and weight, and the crack opens. Impossible to locate and repair.
  8. looks like i might've fixed it , i have unscrewd the graphics card from the case and screwed it agian with it having a bit of angle, ran occt all max for 30 mins with no problem [before that it took less then 3 mins to crash].
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