We have a guest using our wired ethernet connection. We are a holiday resort, and our guest is using VPN, he is on a working holiday. He could not use VPN via our internet connection. This is beyond my knowledge, and the guest became upset and indignant that we could not assist him to make the VPN work. Our ISP provider advised our guest that it is his problem as the Internet Connection he is using does not have a Firewall Blocker, so there is no reason that he cannot connect. Guest has since contacted me and advised that I'm causing an arguement....I don't understand his reasoning, but somehow he is now able to access VPN, and is blaming us and our internet connectio because we somehow blocked and then decided to unblock the VPN access. Very strange guest. Can you advise who is at fault for a VPN not being accessed via our Internet Connection which is Ethernet Modem supplied LAN connection.
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  1. Hello SundancerHenderson;

    Your ISP is right. Management of a Private Network is the responsibility of the Network's Admin staff.

    My best guess:
    His VPN connection attempts were initially being rejected at the office VPN server.
    There can be security restrictions on who/what can connect to a private network that go beyond just having a userID and password.

    Your guest should have contacted (and probably did contact) his VPN administrator to check if his access attempts were being rejected by the office VPN server. They should have been able to help him get access.

    In other words - he can now use his VPN connection due to action taken at the VPN server location.
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