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I've got an ancient IBM Thinkpad 600E which is fine for my limited use except that I can't find a USB2 socket. Should there be one? If nmot, is it possible to fit one?
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  1. it's hidden by a little plastic door just beyond the power switch on the left side, near the corner. open the plastic door and there it is, oriented horizontally.
  2. Sorry, but the post of anonymous doesn't seem to answer your question. There is a USB-port at the position described, but it's USB 1.1 - I've got a 600 E myself (Win 2000 pro) and I use a 2x USB 2.0 - PCMCIA-Card by Conceptronic (Order code : C05-088 EAN code : 8714909005807) which shouldn't be too expensive. There are two PCMCIA slots on the right side of the 600 E.
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