Can't see files on CDRW, how to recover?

I made a backup maybe 3 years ago on a Verbatim DataLifePlus 2x/4x CD-RW, the disc has been sitting comfortably in it's jewel case and is in perfect condition. I lost the data on my hard drive and now need to retrieve it from this CD-RW. I put the disc into one of my drives and Windows XP recognizes it, shows the volume label, says there is 511 MB of data on it, lists the file system as UDF, but shows no files in Explorer. I remember being able to get data off the CD before (possibly on a different OS at that time, I don't remember). I've tried both of my DVD/CD drives with no luck, and I don't have the original drive that this disc was burned on anymore (Creative 8x4x32). Are there any programs that can possibly recover the files on this disc? I really need this data back, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. RUSTY SPOONS...I mean, search for file recovery software on teh INTERNET.

    Unfortunatly, alot of the programs out there cost money / spoons and so you may have to go all illegal on the government's ass and get a crack. OR if you are the l33t searcher you MAY be able to find a FREEware version.

    Saying that, it sounds like it's an operating system problem / driver problem. Perhaps the disk has become a RUSTY SPOON / corrupted?

    Hope you sort it out...SPOON

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  2. Try PC Inspector File Recovery, that may work.

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  3. all you can do is to get as close to "original" setup as you can, caz it is obvious that the software can't read the thing (get the software that it was written in).. And!!! RW is the WORST thing you can put your files on for LONG archiving time. My guess is your very looser this time ;*(

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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