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i recently got a new mobo and ever since i haven't been able to figure out how to enter safe mode. the board is an asus m5a99x evo. when i try the traditional way and tap the f8 right after start-up i am taken to a boot device menu through the asus bios and after selecting my HDD i am immediately taken to the windows 7 loading screen. is there anyway to force safe mode on restart once in windows? because i can't figure out how to do it right after the post.
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    Hi :)

    AFTER you choose your hard drive...IMMEDIATELY KEEP PRESSING F8 AGAIN...then it WILL give you the list for safe mode choice...but you have to be fast...

    All the best Brett :)
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  2. yep--bretts right

    dont know why asus chose to use f8 for the boot menu
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  4. yep that worked thanks and you aren't kidding when you say immediately. it has to be done inside of a second. silly asus.
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  5. Yes this way is working on asus main boards
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