Undecided how to spend money

I'm in the market for new technology, and I'm torn in 4 different directions and hope the community can help with the decision.

My budget is maxed at around $1000, but am willing to spend a bit more if I have to

The 4 choices I'm currently torn between:

Windows 7 Laptop

Apple Mac Book Pro

Asus Transformer Prime w/ Dock running Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Waiting for Asus Transformer Prime w/ Dock running Windows 8 ARM

What I need to accomplish on a day-to-day basis:

Maintenance of wordpress powered website for the restaurant I work for

Office tasks, mainly word processing and spreadsheets

Image editing (The function of cropping to a specific size in photoshop is probably the most important thing I need to do with image editing).

Beyond these, just standard consumption is all I'll be using this for.

My reasoning:

Windows 7 Laptop - Standard and familiar. I know what to expect

Mac Book Pro - We already have 1 windows laptop in the house, so going mac would offer both OS's

Transformer Prime - Tablet with choice of using a keyboard. Really been craving a tablet and I feel this could be more than just a consumption device with the correct apps

Trasformer Prime Win8 - Mix of Windows 7 Laptop and Transfomer Prime

I'm looking for some advice on how to spend my money. Anyone with input to offer is appreciated!
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  1. Any of those will do what you want. For the price, regular Windows laptop is top. A low-end mac is pricier than a mid-high range laptop. If you want to spend the whole 1,000 on a laptop, get a MAC, you can always run Windows 7 on it also. I have run XP on Apple laptops, and it was good, but would not do that on my own money. I'd put the extra $400 towards a new TV or a vacation, or whatever.

    Tablet, as you said, it's more for looking than for doing, but with a keyboard setup, may not be horrible. Would be cheaper than the MAC, and would be fun to use. Not great for image editing or large spreadsheets unless you can hook up an external monitor.

    I would pick between the PC and MAC. If I really did not care about money, I'd get a MAC with a dual-boot to Widows. The issue with that is that you'll probably spend 90% of the time in Windows and then feel like you spent double the money on a pretty case and the right to go to Starbucks and Whole Foods. Actually, you may also need to buy a Prius for that.
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