Interesting Hard disk fault!

i have a very unusual problem with a IBM Travelstar 20GN, it is not seen by any bios/dos, but is detected fine by windows xp.

I can read/write to the drive just fine when in windows, but for some reason the drive has lost its bootability, and the auto detection in any bios doesnt work on this drive anymore. i have also tried this drive on a desktop machine where it does exactly the same thing.

I don't understand why at a DOS level the drive isn't seen (hence it isn't bootable), and yet the drive works just fine in windows. I am assuming that the bios on the drive is partially damaged or corrupt.

i have tried the IBM/Hitachi DFT utilities disk, and the drive comes up with no errors, yet i can tell there is something wrong.

I really need this drive to be bootable, do you guys have any suggestions on how to get this drive bootable again, apart from replacing the HDD board?

thanks for your time

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  1. a BIOS update? Thats the first thing I'd do. Download the appropriate tools from the manufacturer's website

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