Both optical drives dead in 4 months? Help to me.

Ok, this Pc was built from the ground up in March:

P4 3.0ghz
1gb pc 4000 DDR
Audigy 2 ZS audio
Hercules 9800XT
160GB Maxtor SATA hd
Abit IC-7
Sony 52X CD rom
Aopen 48X CD-r/DVD Combo
Windows XP sp1 Pro

A few weeks ago, I've noticed that my boot process was taking much longer than before. After a while I noticed the reason. During bootup if my CD drives had a disk in it for some reason the light on the front would blink as if trying to access/read. I tested my theory by ejecting the CD's and the boot process finished quick as normal.

then, 3 days ago I completely lose my Sony 52x drive. Windows recognized it no problem but it would not auto run and when i go to my computer and click on the drive it would say "please insert disk" like one wasn't there.

so i figure these things happen and ordered a new one. But WAIT. Just tonight I go to install a game with my remaining drive (Aopen CD-writer) and SAME THING! Ahead Nero ejects brand new CD-R media as well telling me to insert a disk. Clone CD locks up when trying to verify a disk is in the drive and of course I CAN'T INSTALL ANY GAMES WITH IT EITHER!!

What the? Both optical drives dead after 4 months. I know, somethign is wrong here. I even moved the ribbon cable that both drives shared from IDE1 to IDE2 and no go.

I then put an old CD-rom I have in my pc and it works fine. Then I put my "dead" drives in my other PC and nothing. Dead. So I ruled out my PC's ribbon and IDE channels since I got my older CD-rom to work in it. And my drives are still dead in another PC.

Honestly,folks we know something isn't right here. 2, 4 month old drives dying at about the same time?!? What could it be? Please, I want to buy another CD-R but am afraid it will suffer the same fate.

Thanks so much in advance for your time.
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  1. Can you boot from them?
    Do your drives have self diagnostics?
    Have you tried flashing new firmware?

    *Dual PIII-800 @900 i440BX and Tualeron 1.2 @1.7 i815*
  2. crap! I have not tried to boot from the drives but I figured that since they are not usable in windows or at all in roommates computer then they must be dead.
    but that's a damn good idea!! i should have tried to boot from them. think I will give that a shot. thanks!!
  3. If that doesn't work, RMA them and get new ones...they are only 4 months old and should still be under warranty.

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    MSI 645E Max-U Mobo
    1GB DDR333
    R9600XT 128MB
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  4. Thought about that and I have to look up Newegg's policy or the manufacturer's.
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