AutoCAD needed

hiiiiiiii Guys
I need a autocad programe for learning purpose
Im using HP pavilion g6 1302tx platop having
core i3
4gb ram
1gb ati radeon hd
can someone suggest any link for this compatible program as earlier i download autodesk but it dosen't run on my system
help me guys
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  1. CAD programs are intended for professionals, so I don't think it's really going to matter which one you use, they are all going to be rather obtuse to anyone who doesn't have a fair amount of training on their use.
  2. Professional CAD systems don't run well on portables if at all as you're finding out. If "for learning purposes" is code for "pirated" you're on the wrong forum.
  3. All the pro CAD systems require workstation class graphic adapters, such as FireGL or Quadra. Yours doesn't even come close to qualifying. And has already been said, if you're here looking for a source of pirated software, look elsewhere.
  4. It's a wonder we make any money if the above statements were true. As the owner of an engineering consulting firm, I have been using AutoCAD since early DOS days, building CAD boxes since 1990 and personally, I haven't used AutoCAD on a desktop since 1996. I started on AutoCAD version 2 and am now using AutoCAD 2013. My current lappie is a Clevo 170EM / Sager NP7190 (i7-3720QM, 16GB, GTX 675M, Seagate Momentus 750) and it runs AutoCAD 13 just fine .... no waiting. My 4 year old lappie ran AutoCAD 2012 just fine.

    AutoCAD is a large complicated program but it is a vector graphics program. Workstation cards are in no way needed until you start thinking about ray tracing and rendering. That's great for the sales force for "ooh ah presentations" to clients but the people designing and building things build from standard AutoCAD 2D vector drawings. A workstation card is in no way needed for such work.

    AutoCAD Lite runs about $900 and would be a perfect learning tool.

    Doesn't have some of the automated features of the full version (i.e. LISP routines) and doesn't do 3D.. System requirements are rather pedestrian

    Intel Pentium 4 with Intel EM64T support with SSE2 technology - 2 GB RAM - 4 GB free disk space for installation - 1,024 x 768 VGA display .

    DataCAD is an option, it's taught in many high schools..... $50 for a 1 year student license

    System req'ts are:

    Processor - Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD™ Athlon processor
    Operating System - Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista™, or 7
    RAM - 512MB for use on Windows XP, 1GB for use on Vista or 7
    Hard Disk - 600MB of free disk space recommended for a complete installation of DataCAD
    Optical Drive - CD-ROM drive for software installation (Not required for Internet download)
    Video - Display adapter with driver support for OpenGL® version 1.6 or higher
    SVGA (800x600) monitor and display adapter capable of 16-bit color or higher
    Pointing Device - Microsoft-compatible mouse (3-button mouse recommended)
    Internet - An active Internet connection is required for product activation and license validation.
  5. Hi, you can get some Autodesk programs for learning purpose. Just take a look in
    Hope it helps!
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