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I wanted my brand new Windows 7 to operate Photoshop 7 and play Railworks (train driver simulator)
I installed Photoshop and found that any image within was locked to the top bar. No resizing...minimizing..saving..cropping. Only way to clear was to close programme.
I then tried installing railworks. Despite having the disk "Steam" hijack the whole experince. I had to endure a 60 minute download. After this on attempting to play i get the following error message :- "RailworksProc2.exe. had failed to open.
At this point I rung the PC vendor and checked about a total reformat and fresh install of Windows 7. This I did.
After Photoshop 7 run ok (allthough everything seemed undersize).
I then endured another railworks download..this also worked great.
Imagine my dissapointment when opening Photoshop again and finding the old problem was back.
Whats the way out here......
Overwrite this awfull Windows 7 with the wonderfull XP.
Buy an expensive latter version of Photoshop (C
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  1. YEP........thanks for reply
  2. Have you tried running those programs in compatibility mode?
  3. Is Photoshop 7 fully certified to work with Windows 7? Have you tried running it in compatibility mode?

    EDIT: Sorry, simultaneous reply.
  4. The RailworksProc2.exe seems a heavy software program and please tell the configuration of the CPU.
  5. PC spec :-

    Intel Ivy Bridge I5 3450 Windows 7 Gaming PC 1tb 8gb DDR3 GTX 550 TI Computer
  6. Photoshop 7 is not compatible with Windows 7. You need CS3 or better.
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