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Problem with monitor shaking, old wiring in apartment?

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
November 22, 2006 11:16:24 PM

I'm using my old Dell CRT monitor on my new homebuilt rig. Whenever an appliance that uses a lot of electricity comes on (washer,dryer, etc..)
the screen starts to shake a bit. As soon as the appliance goes off, the shaking stops. I tried plugging the monitor directly into the wall socket and have tried different sockets. Same problem. What is starting to worry me is that the power fluctuating (if that's what it is) isn't affecting the monitor, but rather my new 7900GT video card. Definitely don't like the idea of that. My computer is about twenty feet away from all of these things, and it never did this with my old Dell computer. Can somebody give me and idea of what is going on? I maybe need a really good surge protector instead of the cheap one I have now? Thanks.
November 24, 2006 12:22:41 AM

You didn`t say what psu you have.If your supply is a high quality one,are you sure you aren`t very close to the limit?If you suspect that the voltage drop is the cause,if you have a volt meter have someone check with it when you turn on one of the appliances that causes the problem.Also,a ups (Uninterupptable Power Supply is alot better than a power strip.A decent one will keep the voltage steady during a surge as when you start one of these appliances.You can buy a UPS for about $100.I use them on my system.I`m not sure why it does it the whole time these other appliances are on,this usually only happens at start up.That`s why I`m wondering about your power supply.