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hi dad bought me a acer aspire 4330 which is a shipwreck form the start. so im planning to sell it and get a new one..i dont know if this is the right place for this question but im stuck on choosing between two laptops..the compaq presario cq40-107au and the compaq presario cq40-310au..i wish i had more choices but these two are the only ones that fit my budget..the two units have almost the same specs. the main differences are the processor and the hard drive capacity. the cq40-107au has a amd athlon x2 at 1.9 ghz and only has 160gig of hardisk. on the other hand the cq40-310 has a amd turion x2 at 2.10ghz and has 250gig of hardisk. help please.

here are the links to the compaq units:


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  1. Hi, based on the specs of the two.. i'll go with cq40-310au..

    ,..talking about good bang for the buck.. really worth it, as a mater of fact... i already got one :bounce: :bounce:

    ..can play most of the games at native res. Crysis? oh no... don't even think about it.. :D :D :D
  2. can it play these:
    left for dead
    silent hunter 4
    sins of a solar empire
    x3: terran conflict

    and pls list down the games youve played on it too

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