Ok, long time reader of Tom's, first time post. I'll start off by saying I am NOT a moron when it comes to computers. I've put numerous systems together. I am no expert, but certainly no novice by any means.

With that said, I purchased a P4 2.26GHz 533FSB retail CPU, Gigabyte GA-8IHXP i850E motherboard, and 512MB Kingston PC1066 RDRAM from Essential Computer ( I have bought from them numerous times and ALWAYS have had an enjoyable experience from them. Good prices, fast shipping, and good customer service, although I have never had a problem with any of the items before.

Anyhow, I got my goodies, installed the motherboard into the case, put in the CPU, the fan, ram, video, etc...

No video at all. I try the video card in another system, it works; I try a new video card in the new system, still doesnt work. I try everything I can think of. I call Essential, get an RMA, and ship it all back.

Couple days later, I get a call from Essential. They say I must have installed the cpu wrong (I've installed a million CPUs..i know how its done) and pin 1 fried the cpu. cpu is dead. more bad news: the pin from the cpu broke and its in the motherboard and they cant get it out. They wont replace either item as it's because of my fault and not a manufacturer defect. We go around and around, I talk to several people there, and no go. The items are currently in transit back to me.

Essential said I need to go through Intel and Gigabyte to get RMAs directly and hopefully get my stuff replaced through them. I can't get any further with Essential.

I am just looking for some suggestions I suppose. Has anyone had any luck dealing with Intel or Gigabyte? Any suggestions as far as how I go about it with them? Should I NOT deal with them directly? Could what happened to the CPU be from anything other than a mistake on my part (I still am convinced it was not my fault)? Any suggestions would be a great help. Saved for 6 months to scrape enough dough together to buy the system and it makes me sick to think that I have $500 or so down the drain just because Essential won't do anything about it. Grrrrrrr.
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  1. Wait a minute. Let me get this right: THEY break pin 1 on the CPU and it's YOUR fault??? What's wrong with this picture? I'm glad you clued us in to Essential, but I would have said 'Let me talk to your supervisor' and taken it up to the company president, if need be.

    They're shipping both items back to you, hmm? First thing I'd do (after the anger fit) would be to take the mobo, hold the ZIF open, and tap vigorously on the back of the board whilst holding it upside down to see if you can get that pin to fall out.

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  2. What specifically does Essential's warranty and limitation of liability state in their sales agreement? Here is what I found on their site, <A HREF="" target="_new">Essential Computer's Warranty:</A>
    <b>CPUs and memory components are returnable for warranty replacement only within 30 day; <font color=red>void if burnt/cracked</font color=red> .</b> All other defective items will be replaced after 7 days, and not refunded. Their respective manufacturers provide warranty and support for Retail Box Items, monitors, printers, scanner, and other peripherals.

    Isn't the CPU a zero-force insertion ? Regardless, if it is zero-force or not they should replace it within a 30 day period, if you purchased each item piece-part. (it says specifically: <font color=red>void if burnt/cracked </font color=red>, it said nothing about broken pins.

    However, if you purchased the Motherboard/CPU/System as a "Retail Box Unit" then, yes Essential has the right to direct you to the respective manaufacturer(s).
    All other defective items will be replaced after 7 days, and not refunded. <font color=blue>Their respective manufacturers provide warranty and support for Retail Box Items</font color=blue>, monitors, printers, scanner, and other peripherals.
    <font color=red>Special information about Motherboard Kit and System purchase - all Systems and Motherboard Kits are supported and warranted as originally configured.</font color=red>

    Either way, if you are sure you are not at fault, personally I would pursue it for refund/replacement. You the consumer have rights within the limited liability time period. IMO, go for it!

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  3. The worst part about this is that once you send them something back it is difficult to rebut something. They might have damaged it because you were not there watching them. How do you know they didnt try to remove the processor without lifting up the release arm on the ZIF Socket?

    I have ordered motherboards with the CPU from some shops where they will acutally mount the CPU on the motherboard with the cooler and then ship it to you. WWW.ADAMANT.COM was pretty good about that. There prices were just a little higher than some places, but they were an OEM custom build shop.
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