What Major to pick in engineering?

i would like to know what would be the best major for me to pick with regard to the fact that i like working with computer hardware like motherboards,cpu,gfx cards etc. Im at curtin university malaysia and they also offer B.Technology with a major in Computer systems and networking. here is the link to the course page


should i switch to this after having done one sem in engineering? thanks .
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  1. Can anyone please help me,coz i have to re-enrol for next sem by tomorrow.
  2. Bio-technology seems to be good but i will prefer you go in for Bio-statistics if only you are good at calculations. but apart from that you can really excise're computer skills in it very well and besides, it pays nowadays.
  3. Great Link ! Thanks for sharing..I just checked it and found it quite useful. I loved reading it..certainly great info..I would love to share it with my friends as well.....
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  4. If there is any degree of Computer Engineering then you should switch to it
  5. shuhei said:
    Can anyone please help me,coz i have to re-enrol for next sem by tomorrow.

    Usually in North American universities you pick you rmajor in the 2nd year of the engineering program. The 1st year is usually common to all engineering specialities. Judging by what you have mentioned, your choice of EECE is a good one.
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