USB Pen Drive Support for W98

I bought a 1G usb pendrive by GXT, model is PD1.
It's for usb-2 but states that it supports usb 1.1 and it does work but is slow.

My PC has 4 usb 1 ports, can I upgrade them to usb-2 ?
If not, can I add usb-2 ports to my PC ?

I have 2 PC's:
1> HP pavilion 8555c with a 500mhz celeron cpu, and Win 98SE
2> A home built (DIY) with a P4 - 1.8Ghz cpu on a Shuttle AV40 board w/via chipset, running Win XP with SP-2

Can both or either one be upgraded to usb-2 ? What's involved ?

Any assistance appreciated,, thank you.

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  1. Hello again,,
    I forgot to add that I'm also looking for a Win 98 driver for my usb pen.
    The package says I can get at but I have not been able to link to it.
    The site is either down or defunct.
    Does anyone know of another source for a driver?
    thanks again,, hg
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