Need help with Ram upgrade

I want to upgrade the Ram I have. When I built the comp, I was still in my infantcy when it came to hardware. I had always thought that ram was ram. I have since learnd otherwise. Now I read articals talking about timings and cas and brandnames being better then others. I am getting to be very confused. I primarily use my comp for gaming :) and video editing. I also plan on upgrading the CPU to a higher bus rate too. Any help would be great. Thanks

2600+ 266 FSB
A7N8X-E Deluxe
768 DDR PC2700
Maxtor 120 gig 8MB cach 7200
Western Digital 60 gig 8MB cach
Liton DVDRW +/- 4xrw/8xr/16x
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  1. Corsair has some PC3200 that runs 2-2-2-5. Crucial has some fast RAM too, but I haven't tried it yet.

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  2. heya firstsage;

    Running ultra fast ram timings doesnt improve system performance as much as you would think, if you are running Crucial pc3200 @ 3-3-3-6, you wont notice the difference between the standard modules and let say the corsair or crucial Xtreme modules.

    The increase in performance is so small its hardly worth mentioning, so imo just get some crucial pc3200 and go on with life.

    However if your determined to get so called high performance modules, and cant be talked out of it then get the Crucial Ballistix pc3200 modules, they will be a good choice, and are way less expensive then high performance modules from other manufactures.

    Also be aware that the third party memory manufactures use chips from Samsung, Micron and Infineon, on their PCB and rebrand them as their memory.
  3. Well, I could not have said it better....hmm you guys are good. :lol:

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