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I have a hp dv2000 with the duel core T2050. On idle it will run at 35-40c (core0, core1 will run about 5c lower all the time seems like) however in a when online games are played that can spike to 55-65c. This is my wife's computer, we just bought it used, i first started noticing the heat when i came home and discovered her resting it on a pillow, completely blocking the airflow. :o the temp was at 70c steady on core0. That seems really high. However after correcting her, and setting it up so the airflow could get through it was still back at 60c-65c. Also the hdd, was at 55c under load. Question is what is an acceptable load, and idle temps. There has been no side affects to these temps, no errors, and no shutdowns, prime95 ran fine for 30min, and im using speedfan for temp monitoring. I plan on dissembling the laptop and cleaning the fan, and replaying thermal gel. Any insight would be appreciated.
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  1. look just follow these simple steps

    (laptop) doesn't mean (use it on top of your lap anymore) it must be used on a flat hard surface "neutral" such as wood, metal, glass in your case a desk for example, a dinner table. that means your laptop will have at least 1cm space for hot air to get out. don't ever use a pillow under it, or use it on top of your bed cover ect or on your lap..

    maximum tempreture when playing games is 75c. but don't worry if you exceed it it will shut down automatically.

    running at 65c is fine but I'd recommend to purchase a cooling board for laptops just to makesure it has that goodie airflow when it needs it only when playing games. this will reduce the heat to 55c at most

    you may notice the fan is loader but that's fine
    a very important option is to makesure the fan is on a constant turn while playing a game the option where it turns only when it gets hot will harm it.
  2. I actually just bought a cooler board for it so she can set it on her 'lap'. Then i came home to find your reply haha. I'll let you know how it goes. As for the fan only on when its hot, I did some searching through the bois and there is no setting for it? also ou say 75c is ok for games? I thought max was 60c....
  3. I actually just bought a cooler board for the laptop, and then I came home to find your reply haha. Ill let you know how it goes. As for the fan, I did some searching through the bios and i dont see any setting for that? Are you sure 75c is ok for games? I thought the max safe temp was 60c. Thanks.
  4. yeah i don't think hp has that option to change only dell's have it, but do some research online there's probably an utility for windows to change the setting, or just a keyboard shortcut as hp has tons of hidden secret keyboard shortcuts.

    i'ts fine to use on your lap as long as its on top of the cooler board. for core duo max 75c means it will shut down at 75c, pentium 4 shuts at 65 which means the safest for you is 65c to 68c on core duos.
  5. Sorry bout the double post if there is a mod that saw that lol, i got a server error. I got that cooler board on it now, and now during games it runs at 60c, highest i have seen is 65c. Think i should still worry about cleaning the heatsink, and fan, or will it be ok without.
  6. when you clean the fan you'll notice far less heat but I dont want you to open your laptop then ruin it. if it has a lid under that's right under the heatsink then yes srew it and get a brush and clean it best to take the whoe heatsink. but if it doesnt have a lid then its best to take it to a specialist who wont charge much because you already know what the problem is, can you download "" and see how your graphic is doing?

    but if you got some money then buy an aircan and spray it into the air vents "with battery out.
  7. that is the program i am running. I dont see any settings to show the graphics info. I can monitor, temp1 temp2 core0 core1 and hdd. Is one of the unnamed temp1 or 2 the graphics? if so then i never see that over 60c under load. Also this laptop wouldnt be the first one i have cleaned out, but this one is mine, and im not sure its even necessary. thanks
  8. look 60c while gaming is fine that's the end of it. mine is a core duo too and its 50c at stock so 10c more wouldn't hurt and again if the worst happens your laptop is smart enought to shut down and when it shuts down only you know its overheating.
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