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Howdy, ok..here is equipment I have and the OperSys type. I just want to know if I'm correct here or not.....plain and simple.

I'm using a new laptop wireless ready unit, w/Vista Home Basic Oper/Sys and will be connecting to a DSL internet line. No other computers will be tied into this set-up.

I have an "all in one" router/modem unit.(Actiontec LT704WG)
A setup CD came w/package of course,it contains on it the USB Vista Driver, Manual and Adobe Reader. I understand that first thing I'll need do it to enter the WEP-KEY and ESSID codes first, to a flashdrive.

NOW, do I connect ONLY the "grey internet cable" from the telephone line jack with the DSL filter attached of course,into the WAN/or Internet port on back of "all in one unit" and then turn it on AND "load the CD" to further download the USB drivers?
So that unit recognizes the Operating System type? Appears ACTIONTEC web site indicates this needs to be done. PLEASE TELL ME IF I NEED TO DO ANYTHING ELSE or if there are anyother cables to connect.
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  1. are you paying for internet means do you have a service provider? YES

    hook the cable from the telephone line to the back of the router.
    hook an ethernet cable from the router to your computer
    insert the set-up CD that came with your internet provider "not the router's brand CD"
    it will ask to enter, user name and password for accessing DSL line "ask your ISP"

    now internet should work via cable only.

    to set up, wireless, where you can use internet in the kitchen and your toilet.
    1. makesure internet works via cable, yes it does
    2. go to the router's ip address with main menu
    3. enter the router's admin and password (found under the router)
    4. go to wirless settings page
    5. enter an SSID, what ever you like "mine is, jack sparrow lol"
    6. enter a password 10 characters, I suggest "tinkerbell"
    7. save and exit the router's main menu
    8. go to the laptops wireless list, find your ssid enter the password you set. done

    doing the usb flash thing is wrong. you need to first access the routers set up page via an ip address, one of these should work

    go to explorer
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