Windows 7 freezes on login (error log included)

We recently built some CAD workstation desktops and seemed to be running fine but as of two days ago one of them started freezing at seemingly random times. it froze while logged in (after working a few hours) a couple times but now consistently freezes just after the login screen (it lets me log in) when it says "welcome". The processing circle stops moving, mouse wont move etc. I have to manually restart.

It does run fine in safe mode so i ran a sweep for spyware with malwarebytes but im still having the same issue. it gave a blue screen at one point at the login screen, only time i got a blue error screen.

Problem Event: blue screen
OS version: 6.1.7600.
BCP4: FFFFF800031D5720
OS VERSION: 6_1_7600
PRODUCT: 256_1

Files That Help Describe The Problem:
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  1. ok so ive learned that the .xml file is where some answers might be,


    however it is gone. I dont know if temp files like this get erased automatically or what but is there a way to ensure it does not get erased if i get this blue screen again?
  2. Here is a page I found that can lead you in the right direction, scroll down to the STOP 0x000000F4: CRITICAL_OBJECT_TERMINATION section.

    It basically says a critical process terminated unexpectedly. I do however note your OS Version says 6.1.7600, this means this windows is very outdated on updates. Service pack 1 will update your machine to version 6.1.7601.

    But before trying updates, I would strongly recommend doing a disk check and tick 'Automatically fix file system errors' .In Computer right click C drive, properties. Go to the Tools tab and select Check now... and then Start. Say yes when it asks to Schedule a check on startup, and restart with the start menu.

    If you are unable to schedule a check, start in safe mode and do the same as above to check the disk.

    When done, try windows update.
  3. ***SOLVED***

    This is specific to this motherboard but all I had to do was change the SATA port that the HDD was plugged into.
    The motherboard has 6 Intel SATA ports and 2 by this other company called Asmedia, the Asmedia ports are numbered "1 & 2" so of course i plugged the HDD in there but upon looking into more detail i realized that the Intel ports are numbered "1-6" so i switched it to the Intel "1" and all worked fine.

    On a side note i always noticed that in my "Safely remove hardware, eject media" task bar icon, my boot drive was always listed, which of course i thought was strange. And now it is not, so this had something to do with the Asmedia sata ports.
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