Every night at 2AM I get blue screen of death...help?!?!?

I have a gateway nv53a laptop with 8 gig onboard(only thing changed from spec) ...every night around 2am(and I mean within 10 minutes before or after) my laptop freezes and I get the blue screen of death. I have to do a hard reboot in order to get back to windows.. when I reboot it tells me something about windows live not fully loading or something to that effect(I usually just click ok and close screen so I cant remember) can anyone help me in telling me what could be wrong with my laptop? Or start me down the path by suggestions on where to start? I know this isnt the most detailed query but I dont really know what to say as this is frustrating and has been going on now for over a month. Please assist and thanks
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  1. What error message does the BSOD give you?
  2. Well since it's happening at a specific time i would say it's most likely something software.. Check your programs. (antivirus, malware scans, updates, defrag, etc) basically anything that can be set up to run at a set time and see whats running at 2 am. Also check your event log and see if you have any errors around 2 am either before or after the BSOD to see what the likely culprit is.

    Let us know what you find :).
  3. What is happening at that time? Is it checking for updates? Is it running a virus scan? There is something that is running at that time and crashing. Have you looked at the logs?
  4. It is something scheduled to run at 2 look in the task scheduler in the control panel if nothing there go look at when you spyware/malware/virus programs run their scans. Next look for defrag or system cleanup tools running on a schedule or backup programs. If none of that then reload or just turn your PC off at night :/

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