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Have the Blackberry 8330 Curve. It is not under a carrier contract at present but has been. Want to use it for listening to audiobooks. The ".JAD" download was successful but I see no way to install it. I have the Blackberry desktop installed and have used it to place other apps or the device. Was not able to use it in this case.

Additionally, I have audiobook content on a Zune device. Also looking for a way to convert content, if necessary, to the Blackberry device. Guidance sought.
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  1. What app did you try to install? Is it made for Blackberry devices? Check with the app vendor?
  2. Greetings and much thanks for your timely reply. It is the "audible.jad" app file that, when on blackberry forums have the link to the download site. This is the authentic file and I have been in direct contact with blackberry. The ideal path is to use the phone to go online... the problem is that the Curve 8330 has bluetooth but not wiFi. Hoping for a workaround.
  3. The only way I see to install the program is from online download according to their site support.
  4. Much thanks for your continued support... There is one additional item you might help me with. In media is there some key or key combination that will 'explore' for files. Hoping for a reply

    Phil Pense
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