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I have a quick question for anyone who's used an Asus Eee Slate B121 / Samsung series 7 slate. If I understand correctly, the screen is a capasitive digitizer, is this correct? My main concern with either one of these, is the ability to rest my palm on the screen while writing, like you can do with a normal piece of paper. I have an old HP tc-4400 at my work, that only recognizes the touch of it's pen, much like a wacom tablet does. So I can write with my wrist on the screen all day long and it doesn't ever have any issues, or a grey "bar" you have to constantly re-position under your wrist. However, I've tried a pen on an iPad 2, and it straight up is the most annoying and unnatural way to write in the world. (Note the grey "bar" comment above) Any advice or solutions would be great!

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  1. Hey Kyle,
    Yes there is a small initial problem with writing with your palm on the screen. however I use the included cover for the computer and am able to rest my wrist on the outer edge at the bottom of the computer and write just like I do if I am on paper. Taking notes just flows easily. You simply adapt it to your writing style, whether that is print or cursive its handwriting recognition is outstanding.
    I am running the Eee Slate EP121 and also carry the Logitech K360 and M570 keyboard and trackman. Forget the bluetooth keyboard that came with it. I run with the logitech unifying technology so I have one reciever plugged in. I love the K360 because it is the smallest form wireless keyboard that also includes a full ten-key input on the side, and with the M570 trackball means I need no desk space. I can just plug my computer into any tv or computer monitor and kick back in bed or at the conference table. I am a Drilling Engineer and am able run heavy spreadsheets to high-end 3D CAD programs and can monitor with the Eee Slate and stylus and when I have heavy work to do I just whip out a little keyboard and blow away the other guys.
  2. Alright. Thanks for all the info! I'll have to check out that keyboard and trackball. What is your battery life like on it?
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