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My Asus eeepc 1000HA laptop started working fine but then I started getting problems. Now, it starts to load and then a blue screen appears and takes me back to reloading the laptop. Then it takes me to safe mode but that doesn't work either. It restarts again. What could it be. It just started doing that all of a sudden.

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  1. looks like some corrupted operating system files, you need to load your recovery disks and repair your OS
  2. I thought so too so I decided to format my laptop and install a fresh copy of the OS. The next day, the same problem. If I do get the laptop started, it will work. I can restart it and it will load normally. If I try to turn it on after a couple of hours, it get the problem again. I tried to turn it on today and this time nothing worked, not even Safe Mode.
  3. Do a disk check and see if it find any bad sectors with your hard disk. do you shut it down by holding the power button?
  4. No I don't. I go through the whole click start, shutdown process. How do I do a disk check? And if I do find bad sectors, what should I do?

    By the way, thank you so much for your help.
  5. You can use the Ultimate Boot CD (google it) to perform a disk diagnostic. Using the IBM/hitachi diag (which is my favorite) you can analyze the disk for damaged sectors, and attempt to repair them by overwriting them with 0's.
  6. In order to do that, do I not need to be in windows to defrag. The problem is I can't get into my OS.
  7. if you can't get to os you cant check your disk. "u can but its too techy for you"
    run xp disks. when it asks for "use windows command prompt" use that and type this command, chkdsk

    Id just put a new hard drive
  8. I don't know what defragging has to do with any of this.

    Just burn a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD, pop it in your computer, press enter when it says to, go to hard disk diagnostics, and start the IBM utility. All the instructions are on your computer screen - it really couldn't be easier. You don't need windows to function for the diagnostic to work.

    Don't put all your chips on chkdsk. It's skipped over errors the UBCD has found in the past.
  9. give him a link where to download it from
  10. The goal is for people to do it themselves, but start here:
  11. I appreciate all your help. I am going to download the program and run it. I am crossing my fingers. Thanks to both of you.
  12. I ran the IBM\HITACHI hard disk diagnostics. It detected nothind. Then I ran another application called salvation and recovery and it detected 2 malfunctioning boot sectors. Could that be the problem, and if so, what is my next step.
  13. That sure could be the problem. So you know the disk isn't actually damaged, the data is simply corrupted. You can write a new boot sector using the Windows recovery console, but that may also force you to reinstall windows.
  14. How do I do that. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to computers. Where do I go and what should I do. This morning I woke up, turned it on and again it took forever for windows to load. Then a blue screen appeared, and restarted. I have not been able to enter windows since.
  15. 2 boot sectors you cant repair, if you have 1 yes because hard drives have a backup sector but maximum of 1..unless i don't know if they started making drives with 2 sectors as a backup. normaly a new drive is needed.
  16. You're thinking of the Master Boot Record.
  17. alright guys. I conclude that it must be the hard drive. When I turn on the laptop, it starts and I have to enter the set up and when I check IDE Configuration, I notice that there's no IDE MASTER or IDE SLAVE detected. It is until I do it manually, that I can then load and enter windows. Therefore, I assume it's my hard drive. What do you think?
  18. That's odd that a bluescreen can appear but the BIOS can't detect a disk...

    I would plug your disk into another machine and see if it works as an extra storage device, just to be sure.
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