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my Windows 7 64-bit computer acted oddly (after it accidentally got unplugged while on, tho not sure that's what did it). now when i boot i get as far as the windows 7 logo starts to show, then i get that it can't boot.

i changed nothing that i know of.

repair says it can't. restore, which only lists points from 3 days ago, doesn't work. i did a memory test. it was fine.

am i doomed to do a clean re-install of Windows 7?

btw, if i get that Windows 7 logo, and also a stage where it says it is loading files, that means it is reading from my hard drive, right?
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  1. try f8 at boot and last known good configuration option

    if that doesnt work try f8 then safe mode option to see if it will boot in safe mode
  2. it won't boot in safe mode. f8 doesn't offer me an option to boot with last good config.

    i tried repair from the w7 disc but again it cannot repair.
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