Compaq presario r3000 blown cap/diode

hi i have got a compaq presario r3000 works fine with the a/c power adaptor,but the battery does not charge or switch over to the battery when i pull the power cable out.
So i took the note book apart and found on the motherboard a blown cap/diode near the power supply jack i can not read whats written on the blown cap/diode because there is not much left of it, but somthing is written on the motherboard (PD 1)where this part go's i would be grateful to anyone who has a motherboard taken apart or know what this part is and would it be possible for a part number or where to get it from.
i did try to bridge it with solder but the notebook did not come and it just made a buzzing sound from the power supply so i took it off and it works ok with the power supply.
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  1. check if the battery works elsewhere.

    cant help with the capacitor until your realy have the same board to find out which UF and voltage it takes..this is quite hard stuff

    I normaly look on the board for the same one because there's always 1 or 2 more then find out their uf and voltage. you cant buy single diode unless its a major one or a famous one and unless you have a part number.
  2. cheers for the info the battery works fine and i have got a spare one to,there is somebody on ebay selling a (water damaged) motherboard but he wants £50 inc delivery i think its a lot of money for the one part i need.i did try to email him but got no reply.
    i also did notice some more diode/cap on the motherboard that looked a bit like the one blown but i can'nt relly make sure if it is the same because there's not much left of it
  3. this is the best I can help you with then a motherboard for £30 including delivery
    I think it's worth it, he even accepts offers send him a £25 one lol

    ebay Item number: 310118150609
  4. Thank you very much, I must have been using the beta version of ebay because only a hand full of items where only shown but when i opted out of the beta version i got a lot more listings anyway i offered him £25 and he accepted i'll let you know how i got on once it's arrived,once again cheers!!
  5. yeah beta sucks.
    when you get the board practice on other capacitors first to get used to it by soldering and desoldering then make your final job. cheers
  6. i got it working not with the other motherboard i brought,i did this i soldered the negative feed from the motherboard DC power jack and the positive feed too then i soldered the wires onto the neg & positive on the other end of the motherboard where the battery go's.(top of the motherboard not where the battery slots)

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    this worked but every time i pluged in the power supply the laptop switched off after 20 sec,so i removed the positive wire and left the negative and it works battery chargers and the laptop stays on when i plug in the power jack.

  7. my dear you have soldered it very wrong! you have actually bypassed the circuit. this way the battery gets full ampere for charging demaging the battery and laptop. the circuit in the laptop needs to be operative to tell the motherboard when to stop charging when the batt is full, provide proper volts, maintain communication so that it display it on taskbar, etc.
    try to get the blown up parts and replace if u need the laptop to work properly.-riz
  8. The device is a diode marked JVr, anode goes in the direction of the power connector.
    I can not find any data on this part, is good on my pcb.
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