Notebook with faulty video card

The screen of my notebook got divided and I took it to one of my acquaintances - technician, who said that the NB has faulty video card, which is intergrated and can not be removed and replaced with a new one. I need to wait 1 month till the vendor replaces it. Can anybody tell me if integrate video card problem in NBs is real?
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  1. did he check if its actualy the screen and not the motherboard?
    can you confirm by plugging an external screen to the side of your laptop if the external screen is also split then it means your technician is right, but if its not then he lied or miss-tested.

    and yes graphic cards are built in and need a new motherboard from ebay.
  2. Agreed. You should do an external monitor check. It's more likely you damaged your LCD panel than the graphics chip.

    Some graphics cards (mostly lower-end ones) are built into the motherboard, and require a new mobo to be upgraded/replaced.
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