HELP!! I am without cable TV

I have a less then 1 yr old hp f2105 monitor that is supposed to be HDTV ready. My connection is DVI directly from the monitor to the HDTV cable box (Comcast). This set up worked fine for 10 months, but now...the picture shows beautiful for half a second then to snow for 4-5 seconds, picture, then snow and the pattern goes on. The cord has been tested, the DVI function has been tested (Circuit City), and comcast insists the box "works at the shop". (I watch as they have tried everything on the cable settings) I am suspicious of the resolution setting in the monitor....what it says I am runnig, and what is recommended are different? I know others have this same problem too. Anyone have suggestions?? Thank you
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  1. hello there.....i also have the same monitor and problem that you are experiencing and was wondering if you were able to come up with any solutions?? any help would be awesome!!!

    thanks in advance....
  2. I feel your pain, :( I have the same problem...any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Anyone find a solution to this??
    I have this exact problem.
  4. yeah if you find out anything could you let me know as well?
  5. Well its funny because it seems to start to flash between snow and regular picture when the HDCP is enabled. You can see this in the menu that comes up when you turn your cable box off and press "OK" or "select" on the box. Then go into the interface status page.
    I dont know if this means that the monitor doesnt really support HDCP... I don't know what to think.
  6. all i get when i turn the cable box off and hit menu is a "user settings" menu with the only options being "subtitle settings," "TV type," " YPbPr,""4:3 override,""closed caption (and all of its options for captioning)" and "restore all defaults"...when i hit "select" the cable box does nothing...
  7. Have you tried pressing it on the remote? Thats weird because its suppose to bring up a diagnostics menu. Do you have Comcast/Time W.?
  8. i have comcast...and with the remote i can only bring up the same screen i could before...
  9. Cable Settop boxes get firmware updates periodically from the network.

    I have a Hitachi with DVI input connected to a Moto STB and itw worked for months, then it stopped working.

    I wonder if the HDCP part of the firmware got changed during the updates.
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