What's the difference between Samsung 940BW and 941BW?

What's the difference between Samsung 940BW and 941BW?
Here are the links, I can't find the difference, only difference I see is that 941BW is more expensive.



Also it says it uses HDCP, can you guys expplain what HDCP is?

and also will my Leadtek 7900GT Extreme support HDCP?

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  1. Perhaps that is the difference?

    Anyways, HDCP: http://tv.about.com/od/hdtv/a/hdmidvihdcp.htm
    I think that is the technology that many of the compnanies are forcing on us to control what we can do with our computers. Basically it is very bad for the computer industry due to the controls and restrictions is places on us. Unfortunately, the companies are going to force it on us (unless we can fight it somehow) so you will see a lot of people recommending getting this feature on monitors. My recommendation: I suppose if you have the choice, get this feature on things like monitors, but try hard to find devices that can bypass it and display content without using it (like the PS3, media).
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