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I'm thinking of getting a tablet, specifically an iPad, is it worth it to get the one that just came out, I wouldn't use the 4g, and am not too interested in the better camera, so the only other big difference is the new screen, is it worth an extra $100 for the new one. If you have any opinions on other tablets I'm open to suggestions I'm not opposed to an android tablet just don't know too much about them. Any opinions will help, thank you.
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  1. Buy a new ipad Some people think it is worth it, for example, ipad3 retinal screen to upgrade to higher than ipad2 resolution, but also to protect their eyesight, but also clearer, look at what the film is more clear and smooth.
    the new iPad cost is quite good, I personally think.

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  2. I think so. I'm dissapointed that I feel the iPad is the only real safe bet tablet-wise right now. However, another well-received tablet you may want to look into is the Asus Transformer Prime. I had bad luck with that one but your experience may be different than mine. :( I've ordered 2 of the 3rd generation iPads and am looking forward to receiving them. :)
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