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i want to put os 6 on my blackberry curve 8520 but im not subscribed to blackberry is there any way i can install it on there without going threw blackberry ?
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  1. Blackberry makes the hardware, whoever is your cell service provider will have OS updates for your phone.

    You should be able to get a generic update from blackberry and use the desktop manager to update your phone, but that could remove a bunch of applications.
  2. it comes up with an error message when i try to update and im not on a blackberry contract so it wont let me update threw blackberry or my netwrok provider i need to find another way to update without going threw blackberry or my network provider "/
  3. What error message? Are you using the exact software for your model? You just download the BB rom files from the site, you don't need a contact.

    Here is a site with an over the air update, you can do it from WiFi

    Have not tried this though.

    Also from what other sites have posted, there is no updated OS to 6 for that model, if you try to upgrade, the BB may not work afterward.
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