Dell vs. Toshiba!!!!! HELP!

i am planning to buy a a notebook on the weekend and need advice on which computer would be better. i need the computer for general use, i.e. word processing, internet, media player. the two models i am tossing up between are:
-toshiba Satellite L300-0D5 $1098
-Dell inspiron 1525 $1098
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  1. Get whichever one isn't dell.
  2. todd5854 said:
    Get whichever one isn't dell.

    I don't recommend ignorance on any subject.

    In this case, the toshiba wins, however, with a larger hard disk. The Dell has a better processor, but for what you're using it for, it really won't matter. The Dell will have a slightly longer battery life, though.
  3. thankyou for your help, i think ill go the toshiba
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