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I know you are going to tell me to wait for blue-ray to come down in price, but I am curious about all-in-one systems vs buying the separate components. I currently have a cheap no-name system in my basement (with a progressive scan component video DVD player built into it) and just bought an HDTV monitor.

Neither the monitor nor the audio system have digital optical audio and since this is my "back-up" t.v. viewing room (or for my 4 y/o to watch her Disney videos) I am not in a big hurry to upgrade this room.

Anyway, I have been looking at other all-in-one systems (name brands only) and wanted to know your thoughts on these all-in-ones (WITH speakers) by Sony, etc. compared to buying a reciever, dvd player, and speakers seperatly.

When sticking to brand names which ones would you stay away from?

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  1. They're cheap and they to the job, but you're limited to what it can do, and you might not be able to upgrade the system later.

    If it's just me I'll buy a $20 DVD Player and $50 5.1 speaker system.

    I'm not and Radio listener but if you need just look for a cheap one at the garage sale. That'll save you $400.00 for your future upgrade when your ready to buy your dream system, or close to your dream machine.
  2. The only thing I like about All in One is that requires only one remote, Power off is one button. Sony, Phillips, JVC, Sanyo etc. Prices there equipment accordingly to compete with one another.
    I would go with Philips or Panasonic if I would have to get one for my self. as to why? I don't know. I just like those Brands.
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