PC recognizes USB wired Mouse, but Mouse stops working

I put together a rig about 2 years ago and i had to replace the MoBo because of an accident i had with it, everything seemed to work fine. I had an old P/S 2 Mouse connected to it, and I decided it was time to upgrade to a USB wired Mouse. So I bought one and it doesn't work properly.

Now here's the problem (Windows 7 64bit OS):
-It installs the software and i'm able to use it for a short time (around 20-30 seconds and the red laser at the bottom lights up), then it finalizes the installation and my mouse goes dead; but the sound it makes when a new USB connection has been plugged in, continues to loop every 10 seconds or so.
I have tried googling to find similar problems others may have had, but no luck. I also tried rebooting and re-installing the USB Hubs in the Device Manager and the problem still persists.

I will also like to note:
- My USB ports are working
-The mouse is plugged in correctly
- I have my Keyboard and printer connected and they are working without any problems.
- I have connected the mouse to a laptop running Windows XP and it works fine
- I tried connecting other mice to my PC and i get the same issue.

I believe it's more of a technical issue with Windows Software.

I'm open to suggestions, any help would be appreciated...because at this point my frustration level is over 9,000!

Windows 7 64bit OS
Hitachi 1T HDD
Radeon HD 5850
800w PSU
4 Gigs of RAM
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  1. Have you tried setting bios to "Legacy USB Mouse/KB", or it would at least say Legacy ? Unplug and re-plug mouse after setup is done. Ultimately, maybe mouse was not made for Win7 or Win7 64bit has issues with that specific mouse. You can check ASUS website for chipset & USB driver updates.
  2. Thanks for your reply, Cyberat. However, I found out what was wrong with it.

    When the mouse was trying to install, another driver from a program called MotionJoy was trying to re-install its drivers and assumed the Mouse identity, causing it to disconnect.

    I found this while navigating through Devices and Printers in the Windows Menu, in case anyone else is having these problems.
    -Delete MotionJoy drivers from the Device Manager.

    Start > (right click) Computer Properties > Device Manager > Human Interface Devices > MotionJoy drivers (right click) > un-instal drivers.
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