Page file on windows 7 is 7 gb

i figure out that my page file size is about 7 gb
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  1. I'm afraid I don't follow your statement/question
  2. Yes, how much memory have you got installed on your pc, the page file in windows 7 is generally set at the same size as your installed memory size, unless HDD space is a concern I would not worry, you can of course change the page file size.

    Right click my computer,
    click advanced properties in the left hand selection panel,
    click performance, click second tab advanced, click change on virtual memory,
    untick Automatically manage,
    click custom and set your values and click ok,
    now you will need to remember too small or none could cause problems.

    I personally would just leave it as it is if you have around 8gb memory installed.

    If this helps please select best answer thanks
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