Alright heres the deal, im going from an amazing 19 inch viewsonic crt, that is wonderful for games, im ready to buy a bigger monitor, i have a specific one in mind. this will be my first lcd il own, iv played on many others, all with 8ms repsonce time all 19 inchers (samsung, LG) and iv hated them, i see so much smear and ghosting its unbareble, people say you get used to it, but that just plain sucked! this will be all for First person shooters (counters trike source, bf2, call of duty 2 along with others) also, iv nver used a wide screen, whats your opinion one this monitor, and whats your opinion on wide screens versus normal screens. thanks.
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  1. All current LCD monitors have the blurring in fast motion. I would not recommend getting one if that issues is important to you, which it appears like it is. Best way to see if you won't mind it is the try out the fastest models for yourself.

    You could consider a used CRT from
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