How to fdisk a new dr connect as slave?

How do I fdisk and format a new drive connected as a slave? winxp won't see the drive if it is not fdisk yet, and I don't want to disconnect the old drive, connect the new one only then load xp setup in it, then fdisk, What is any other way to do this? Thanks.
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  1. You can get a WIN98SE bootdosk from <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A> and use the FDISK feature on it. Just make sure you get the disk with the updated version of FDISK for large HDDs. There should be a selection to change current drives. Just make sure you select the new slave drive, and proceed as usual.

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  2. XP will see it just fine without a partition. Right click my computer, and choose Manage(or management, or something, can't remember, don't have XP here at work). Go to disk management. Find the drive, and initilize and partition it.
  3. I will try it tonight, thanks.
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