OpenGL in Safe Mode with Command Prompt

After searching everywhere, and hearing the same thing over and over... I decided to creat this.

I need to know how to enable my accelerated gpu drivers through Command prompt in safe mode. Please don't tell me that there's no such thing, or that Safe mode is for core drivers only... Blah blah blah. I have already enabled my sound card drivers, and Windows installer, so I know it's possible to enable my graphics card with command prompt.

The reason I need to do this, is to run certain programs that require OpenGL in Safe Mode. My computer's hard drive is dying, so it doesn't run in normal mode, only Safe mode. I don't plan on replacing this computer too soon, so to have my everyday usage, I need the command. Please help.
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  1. You can't, it's not possible. The sound drivers are user-mode which means that they can be started in safemode with a little bit of work. The core graphics drivers operate through a kernel API which is deliberately forced into a compatibility mode when in safemode. IF your hard drive is dying then your computer will exhibit anomalies in both safemode and normal use.
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