Compaq Presario R3000 - Enter power-on password.

Hi everybody,
It had been working well up to some days ago when I started up the notebook without connecting the power-adapter. First, after the "Compaq" logo had been appeared there were many white plashes along the sides of the screen. Then they performed as the same of a screen-saver program with full of small green banner parallel to the sides of the screen.
I thought maybe the batteries grew weak so I turned off the notebook. Then
connected the power-adapter and restarted again.This time the screen displayed nothing. I unpluged the power-adapter again and turned on the notebook (using batteries). And now it gave a message : Enter power-on password although I had never set any password before.
Some online guide helped me to clear CMOS in order to set it back to default and I did successful. But the situation has been iterating as it did in the first time. Is this in the cause of BIOS virus? Please help me.
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  1. Could be a virus, maybe your bios is getting corrupt because the bios battery is almost empty? How did you clear bios? Is the garbled picture gone once in windows?
  2. By any chance do you have the link to that guide? I have a R3000 here that just developed the power on password after a quick restart
  3. the only way to replace the bios is to take the cmos battery out and the problem is that the cmos battery i welded on the motherboard so you have to unwelded wait for a few minutes and then welded have to take the laptop apart completly ......i fyou cannot do this, i can do it for you for $60 dollars including shipping back to you ..........good luck
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