Help with my wide screen LCD search... PLEASE

I have been using CRTs my whole life until i bought a extremely nice 17" Dell Laptop with a 1920x1200 resolution (with a glossy finish... geforce go 7800) After using this for a while I decided i HAVE to get a wide screen LCD for my desktop. My CRT can only get up to 1280x1024 (and even then there is about a .5 inch blank border... as a result I run at 1152x864 or 1024x768) Its time for some more resolution.

On my Laptop i can play at any resolution, and the displayed area wont stretch at all, or mess up at all (I can play any resolution at 1920x1200 or under basically) After doing some research I have found this is not the case (from what ive seen) for wide screen LCD monitors. It seems like they mess up whenever they play at other resolutions (or stretch it). My main use for the monitor will be general computing, GAMING, and DVD watching.

Can you all educate me/provide me with some links or resources that i can use in my search for an LCD monitor?

$200-$250 price range
wide screen
Ability to play at other resolutions

DVI connector

My current front runner is the SAMSUNG 941BW
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