Is this LCD right for me? [NEC 20WMGX2]

My old NEC MultiSync XV17+ CRT just died a few days ago so I have been shopping for a replacement (LCD) and found this thread to be extremely informative and helpful in narrowing down my decision...

But before going out there and spending my fortune I wanted to run my situation by you guys and see what feedback I could get...
I use my monitor at home (with a window to my right side and a lamp hovering above) mostly for (in order): reading (coding/browsing - 50% of my time), watching (movies, anime, etc.. at a close distance - 45% of my time), and finally gaming (5% of my time)...
So - unless I am mistaken - I fall within the IPS-class of panels (at least not TN, bad viewing angles, colors, etc...) - or maybe PVA (am I way off?)... what I am looking for is good colors and imagine quality as opposed to minimal response times... I need to be able to stare at this thing for hours and not be damned with issues...

Some of what I think are my requirements:
- 20" Widescreen (more then that and my video card [AGP ATI 9800pro 128megs] won't be able to handle the resolution)
- Good on my eyes, sharp text, colors, etc... (as I spend a LOT of time reading/writing & watching - I was expecting 8-bit 16.7M colors)
- Good viewing angles (I watch a lot of stuff, sometimes with my wife and friends all around my monitor so...)
- Not bad response times (as I do game and would hate to spend all this money and not be able to play my UT2004/UT2007 comfortably...)
And of course - if possible - minimize (none is impossible) some of the more common LCD issues such as black-bleeding, ghosting, etc....

From my investigation (and give what big-name stores such as Futureshop and Bestbuy offer here in Canada - for easy return/exchange if ever I have issues/dead pixels) I came up with the following 3 options:
- NEC 20WMGX2 (my top choice, only down seems to be the 'glossy screen' which I am not sure about & the price - $700CDN)
- Samsung 215TW (initially what I wanted until I started to read about a lot of input lag issues - $600CDN)
- LG 204WT (looks like a great screen for the price but it is still just a TN screen with emulated 16.7M colors - $400CDN)
(of course - if you have any other suggestions I am all ears)....

So - my top contender is the NEC (funny - I have been using my NEC CRT for 8+ years now - would be cool to keep with them ehhehe)
I believe, for the high price, it is the best to meet my needs as reading/writing (colors, text sharpness, etc...) seem to be really amazing AND the additional 6ms response time should allow me to play any game I want almost blur/ghost free (I would imagine)...
The only consitent negatvie I found was people mentioned issues with the 'glossy screen' and I am hoping it isn't to much of a deal - I was wondering if my current CRT had the same type of 'glossy panel' as it is also NEC - if so I am already accustomed to it - or is it really not at all the same thing?
Aside from that - some speak of odd red'ish colors, bad blacks, etc... but these are not as consitent so I pray I'll get lucky :)

Anyways - any feedback would be greatly appreciated before I go out and spend a fortune (on a screen I hope to keep for 5+ years)... if you think this is a BAD choice, or if you can help assure me that I did my research properly...
Thank you for you time....
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  1. 1. The NEC has AS-IPS panel.
    2. The Samsung has SPVA panel, also good.
    3. The LG is a gamer's monitor... TN panel, hence the lower price.

    Personally, I like the 20WMGX2 a lot. Its shiny screen is a bit more shiny than a CRT, which actually has an anti-glare coating... though its effect is less than the matte finish of most LCDs. The NEC's reflections will be a bit brighter. However, if you can orient the screen relative to the light or turn off certain lights so that you don't see the reflection, you'll likely appreciate the vibrance of this unit.
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