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Hi, I was planning on using the PS3 as a cheap PC. I'm trying to figure out how its specs hold up against a PC as far as graphics and processor go. I have yet to see anyone run PC games on PS3 as of yet but I don't think its far off. I won't lie I dislike Linux but I'm willing to give it a shot if the PS3 will run PC games. I guess maybe a tweaked Windows version would work, what can I say its what I'm use to. Since I know its possible to say run World of Warcraft and such on Linux with some effort.

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Yellow Dog

Anyway point is does anyone think Tom's Hardware might do it? Or does anyone know if anyone else might have World of Warcraft or any other PC game running on PS3 yet? Better yet anyone aware of any groups working on something like Wine for Yellow dog?
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  1. PS3 uses an asymmetric CPU architecture that is challenging even for game developers to program. You won't find compiled Windows software that will run on it.

    If you want to hack a game console, you're better off trying an XBOX, which many people have done. I believe the XBOX 360, like the PS3, also uses a non-x86 chip so that too would be a challenge (if not impossible) to install windows on. But it also might be a chip with more software support out there for compiled code, as I believe it's based on IBM's core technology.

    Good luck.
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