Realtek HD detecting mic/speakers when not plugged in?

I recently got a new Asus P8Z77 motherboard for my desktop and a new SSD. For awhile everything was working till literally out of nowhere my audio cuts out (I was on the desktop doing nothing when it happened). It detects my mic input and headphones when they're not plugged in, and when they do plug in the computer spazzes out and constantly disconnects then connects the microphone on windows. The speakers are flat out always detected regardless of being plugged in. My HDMI audio however works fine and I've gotten to get sound out of my monitor. Since then I have formatted completely and uninstalled/reinstalled all audio drivers from the realtek official site however the issue is still the same.
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    Open the BIOS/CMOS on boot up. Disable on-board sound under advanced chipset settings. Go to your favorite electronics retailer and purchase a new sound card.

    Sounds like a hardware problem my friend. If you want to go through the hassles of an RMA, more power to you, but if you can get away with an expansion card, you're probably better off.
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