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Hey guys,

Hoping someone here could help me out. I'm looking for a new laptop to replace my dying iBook G4, haha. I'm looking for a PC, not a mac, and the budget is under $700US, leaning towards $500-650. As far as its purpose, it will mainly be used for school work and a bit of music storage (considering buying a zune / zune marketplace with it, so if anyone has any experience with that, any feedback in your reply would be nice as well), although I would like it to play some low-mid-end games, IE GTA San Andreas and below (Who doesn't like cop chases in between classes :P). I don't need it to be a replacement for a desktop; I have a PC already (took some advice from some of the guys on the site earlier this year) that runs my games nicely, so this is really just for on the go.

Like I said, my budget is $700 max, and I live in the US.

Thanks a lot!
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  1. D'oh, forgot to mention, I'd like it to be 14 inches or up, so 1280 x 800 resolution?
  2. Any advice? Been a few days now, no reply...
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