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I have a 2.8c 800mhz on an intel 875pbz board with corsair twinx1024 3200LL memory. The board shows the memory as corsair 3200, but it says the speed used is 333mhz to match the fsb. I've flashed the board and manually set it to 400, but it should be at 400 default. any suggestions?

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  1. Boards can do that. Raise your Vdimm to 2.7vdc. Does the memory stay at 400mhz when you set it manually? Download CPUID just to check. I've had some recent trouble getting Mushkin to run in a MSI board. Even though I set it at 400 manually, it defaulted to 333mhz every time. It just plain would not run right in that board.

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  2. thanks cybercraig Yeah i've manually set it to 400 and it stays according to the bios. Its an Intel so setting vdimm isnt an option with this board. its not o'c friendly, but thats part of why i got it. i just found yet another flash for it, and i'm going to check out that cpuid... thanks again

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