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Hi, I have been given a 'TINY' laptop, but when I turn it on, the first screen that appears is a password request. There is no option to press f10 for recovery like on my sisters, there is nothing but this box that comes up asking for the password. I believe the computer was on Windows XP. Please can anyone tell me how to by pass the password, there is absolutely nothing else on the machine, I turn it on, the word TINY comes up then immediately it goes straight to a blank page that has nothing but a password box in it. Any help would be appreciated. I asked in a shop but they wanted nearly £100 to put it right and I could buy another laptop for that! Please help, thanks Richard
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  1. You can try resetting the CMOS by taking out the battery on the motherboard (not the battery that you can remove readily - there's a second one wayy inside your computer, much smaller.)

    If that won't work (for some BIOSs, it may not) you can't reset the password. Talk to the person you got it from.
  2. If its a BIOS password yea, you pretty much have to remove the cmos and hope.
    Sometimes certain models will have ways around this. You can call the manufacturer but they probably will not be very helpful unless you can give them some purchase information.
  3. Many thanks to everyone for their help. Problem solved. Thanks again.
  4. Problem was solved?
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