Big Loss in video quality with DVI/VGA converter on an HDTV?

I'm looking to build a new system to hook up to my HDTV, and I was noticing that most of the video cards I want all have only DVI and S-Video connectors. My Vizio 42" HDTV only has HDMI, S-video, VGA and component inputs (along with standard analog) and I'm wondering if using the DVI to VGA converters that come with these cards is going to significantly degrade the image quality. Right now my current PC (w/ a Nvidia 6600) is hooked up via VGA, and it looks pretty clean so I'd be satisfied if I got the same result. (Which is why S-video is out of the question).

If there was a way to output everything through HDMI that'd be even better.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. You can get cables that are dvi on one end and hmdi on the other. There should be
    no loss in quality.
  2. Well that's certainly a solution. Actually that would be fantastic. Thanks!
  3. what about if you went vga to a hdmi cable if possible.. im trying to duel view monitors.. the one i have has dvi and vga.. which is for my comp.. they new one im looking at is hdmi vga with a sound input (samsung) which would be for my gaming.. but at the same time i want to duel view.. my card supports two dvis and i just want to know if i go from dvi to the vga that does loose quality right? just not sure about the sititution before i drop 3 bills on this monitor that doesnt have dvi but stupid vga.. thanks


    email me if you know anything bout it
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