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Hello there,

I got a SONY DRU-700A DVD burner and I got some compatability issues : When I burn movies or data other computers refuse to recognize the DVD - it just think for few seconds and that's it, I use DVD-R media 4X speed. It's very strange because my computer recognize it (of course), and so are my 2 DVD players but my other computer don't recognize it and so are my freinds' computers. I tried another brand of DVD media but it didn't work. I use Nero Burning Rom 6 and NeroVision Express.

Why is it happening? Do I need to burn at even lower speed (2X)?

Thanks in advance,
Udi G.
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  1. Have you tried a differnt program to burn with? Try using DVD Shrink, or DVD Xcopy, see if you still burn coasters.

    Intel P4 2.4B
    MSI 645E Max-U Mobo
    1GB DDR333
    R9600XT 128MB
    SB Live 5.1
    Samsung 120GB
    Maxtor 120GB
    LG DVD+-R/RW
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