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Just bought a XPS M1730 from a guy off of Ebay. He formatted the system but didn't have his device driver disc anymore. The driver i can't seem to find on Dell's website is the driver that controls the lighting effects which should be a Logitech driver. It's not on there, and I called Dell for help and they won't since the system is no longer under warranty, I knew there was a reason I don't buy dells. Anyways, I've googled for it as well and no luck, am I looking at the wrong thing. Please help!
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  1. What does device manager say the device is?
    You could also try an 'unknown device' program to get a better description of the device and search from there.
  2. If you have Vista, it's pretty good about finding drivers for your stuff online. Just open device manager and tell it to update driver from the web.

    I suggest you do a web chat with Dell. If you act cranky and say you've done multiple chats, they'll skip the procedure of seeing if your warranty works and they'll solve your problem.
  3. I tried the device manager stuff and it didn't come back with any results. I will try Dell chat and see if that works. I just find it strange there's no driver on there website when they use the whole lightup and game lcd as there selling points for this system.
  4. I downloaded that and it worked. YEAAA, thanks. I didn't have that option because I'm running Vista 64 and it didn't show under the 64bit drivers, but it does work. I do have another question, it's the colors supposed to change or be able to change? I don't see where you can change them, mine or just Blue and thats it.
  5. You need Dell Quickset... in there there is a gaming option that will allow you to change the colors, set color rotations, turn on light fx for media player, etc...
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