sata problem

hello, hopefully someone can help..

Have a 80 gig samsung sata HD that when trying to install xp, won't be recognized.

I have...
MSI "K8T Neo-FIS2R" K8T800 (ms6702) motherboard.

I have tried hitting F6 at install and then when it asks for me to put in drivers disk I have two of them..being...

VIA sata raid driver for VT6420/VT8237
Promise 376/378 Driver

either one i put in, and hit enter to just sits there and then asks me to "please insert manufacturer hardware support disk" as if I didnt put it in at all. Same message for both disks, which I tested do have data on them using a different laptop.

Any suggestions? Is there a certain port it should be on> (serial1, serial2, sata1,sata2)?

Any help is really appreciated.

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  1. The driver is actually for the southbridge on your motherboard (assuming you have native SATA support).

    The first of the two options you indicated is probably closest, check your motherboard installation CD to ensure that you're choosing the correct drivers for Windows XP installation.

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  2. Are you sure your floppy drive is working. The light comes on and doesn’t stay on? If you press F6 during the windows installer it should come up with a screen where is says to put in the manufacture’s driver disk. You then press S (for specify), put in the floppy, and then select the driver, then press enter twice.

    You do however need to know what controller you are plugged into. You listed 2 different controllers, but 3 different drivers are possible. And not on only one floppy either.

    The 376/378 can either be operated in ide mode (non raid mode) or in raid mode. Thus having 2 drivers that you will need to know which one to use.

    The 6420 on has one driver.

    In all you will need 3 floppies if you are unsure with the current set of drivers on each.
    378 – raid
    379 – ide
    6420 -raid

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