Whats wrong with this thing!!!( Compaq Armada 1750)

:pfff:I have a compag armada 1750

I dont know whats wrong with it just wont boot no matter what i do
I try normal mode, safe mode, and etc....I always end up with the same result a black screen and a blue box that says something about the BIOS.

I'm not sure but i think theres something wrong with the harddrive because we hadnt added any antivirus yet and it caught some viruses, but still im not sure and i dont want to do anything to it til i find a solution.
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  1. I have worked on armada 1750's and it sounds like your problem is related to windows (I assume since you didn't specify) and the bios being set or reset to enable ACPI or APM. If you push FN + F11 repeatedly immediately after turning the armada 1750 on it will reset the bios (CMOS settings) to the default. This can also happen if the computer sits for a long period of time and the CMOS battery fails. Windows 2000 and Windows XP are set up to reflect the bios setting (either ACPI or APM) at the time of install and complain if at a later date the bios setting is changed. To fix this you will need a floppy disk downloaded from HP support (search for "setup for portables" I think possibly "PC diagnostics") that allows you to change the ACPI setting in the bios. Booting the computer from the floppy eventually gets you to the bios setup screen with ACPI and a box which can be checked or left blank. I would reverse the setting and try to reboot without the floppy. Windows 98 is not usually affected but I don't have much experience with it on the 1750. A side note this model works quite well with either Windows 2000 or XP if you increase the memory to 192mb or even 320mb. About any pc100 144pin 128mb module will work ($15 or so). The 256mb version has to be the 16 chip low density version ($50). The best upgrade for this model. Hope this helps someone.
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